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How and who can use Shea butter?

Everyone can use Shea butter. Its a natural body moisturizer, and hair oil.

Does Shea butter expire?

No. Shea butter does not expire. It stays with you until it is finish from usage. 

Why Yellow, and Ivory Clear Shea butter (white shea butter) ? What is the difference?

Ivory Clear Shea butter (white shea butter):

Pure Shea butter at its original Shea butter color, nothing is added. It is in its original pure color and form.

Yellow Shea butter:

Pure Shea butter with turmeric root. Turmeric root is added.

Why is Shea butter hardened and softened sometimes during different time of the year?

Shea butter is a very natural nut oil. As such, it is very susceptible to any current room temperature. however, that does not change or tamper with its quality. Its natural properties and quality is always 100% retained.


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Ginika is a natural body care brand. We aim to work tirelessly towards this goal. At Ginika we offer an array of excellent natural and organic body care products for the convenience of our customers.

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